Ise Marathon 2016

 ・Throughout the primary race, along with the participants being moved by our hospitality and the scenery of Ise, we plan to bring activity to the city and the prefecture by positioning this as an event for anticipated visitors to the city.
・The participants, each aiming to build health and increase their sporting ability, by participating in the main race, plan to spread and promote sports.

【Application period】
16 August 12:00pm~ 6 September 5:00pm
Applications accepted on first-come-first-served base

Date: December 4th (Sun) 2016

Fee: *Half marathon—-5,000yen(Includes participant award, Record certificate, Damage insurance)

※ The event may be cancelled in case of natural disasters (Includes warnings issued) or spread of infectious disease. There will be no refunds.


Road in front of the Mie Prefectural Sun Arena 09:10 AM

Mie Prefectural Sun Area Parking lot A 11:50 AM (Finish checkpoint)


(Mie Prefectural Sun Arena ~ Asama IC ~ Ise IC ~ Uratabashi turning point ~ Oharaimachi ~ Ujibashimae ~ Ise city Kuratayama Park Baseball field (Mizuki Noguchi Gold Medal Road) ~ Ise IC ~ Asama tollgate turning point ~ Sun Arena IC ~ Mie Prefectural Sun Arena)

Please apply from here ↓↓


We will look forward to seeing you at Ise Marathon 2016!!


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