Kyoto Marathon 2017

Now the application is opened!

Event Name: Kyoto Marathon 2017

Kyoto Marathon 2017 course takes runners to a fascinating journey through the “City of International Culture and Tourism”.
Runners will pass through seven UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites and many other tourist attractions as they are treated to spectacular views of Kyoto’s scenery, including all five mountains where huge bonfires are lit during the Gozan no Okuribi summer festival.
Adding charm to this annual event staged in an urban setting, a portion of the course will meander through scenic downtown Kyoto

※Lottery results is scheduled to be announced on September 29th 2016.

★Date & Times

Sunday, February 19, 2017 (rain or shine)
9:00 am   Marathon starts
3:00 pm   Marathon ends

★The number of capacity : 2500

★Application period: 20 Jul 2016 ~ 22 Aug 2016

★Events / Participant Limit / Time Limit / Entry Fee

In the case of excess applications, participants will be chosen by lottery.

・Time limit: 6 hours (・Start time is based on signal gun time)
・Entry Fee: JPY15,000 (Entry via Japanese website: JYP12,000)


Participants must:
1) have been born before April 1, 1998; and
2) Be able to complete the race within 6 hours. (Participation in wheelchairs is not permitted.)
Any disabled runner who finds it difficult to run alone may have an escort runner (guide dogs not allowed).



The race course will start at Nishikyogoku Athletic Park and finish in front of Heian-jingu Shrine (course certified by JAAF, IAAF, and AIMS)
Please note that the course includes unpaved riverside paths which may be difficult to run on in rainy weather.

■■■Donations for reconstructin from the Great East Japan Tohoku Earthquake & Kumamoto Eartbquake■■■

Applicants will be asked to offer a voluntary donation (in 500 yen increments). Once their participation has been confirmed, they will be requested to pay the sum of the entry fee and the donation. The donation amounts entered in their application forms cannot be changed.


Please apply from here ↓↓


We will look forward to seeing you at Kyoto Marathon 2017!!