16th Hitachi Sakura Road Race ~Cherry Blossom Race~


Last couple of days, it’s got much colder and it just like a regular Winter
I miss warm weather
I miss sun shine

Have you ever heard ✿OHANAMI✿?
It’s Japanese special occasion.
It’s a picknic uncer cherry blossom with beer and food!

I can’t wait Spring! I can’t wait Cherry Blossom!!

I know something good marathon event you can see beautiful cherry blossom.
It is called “16th Hitachi Sakura Road Race”.

Sakura Tunnel

You can see the pretty cherry blossom tunnel as the picture!
Wanna see it?
Wanna run under it??

Please check the Entry site!
It’s now available English and Chinese!!

Don’t miss it!
I can bet it will be a spectacular experience for you~

Seaside Course

Entry in English

Entry in Chinese